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 "!! 0 gosh how could this ...... " Due to the long life In the battle space gas rich people's body on the continent are also being subtly transformed into gas warfare gas system suitable for practicing war. Thus, according to statistics, people on the mainland, where the worst is a talent cultivation, of course, does not mean that one will be able to cultivate the talent to battle those levels, there is a certain level of talent is theoretically possible to get to the corresponding level of practice . But practicing a way, difficult, dangerous of which is self-evident, you want to get a powerful force there must be paid, even life, and therefore the same level of talent who can practice the corresponding level of few,


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   "Turned out to be a rare natural resistance to the elements body, hey, unfortunately this practice for centuries a rare talent."


  Bursts of heavy sigh echoed in the ears, like a hammer smashing hit in the heart of the general, came an unbearable pain violently.


  Around, cast a road tribe's eyes, filled with ridicule, sarcasm, indifference, disdain.

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  Like Oath general, making it a pain more intense, deep.


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  Morning, screaming sounded, breaking the silence. Room, one-year-old boy about suddenly woke up, his forehead was oozing sweat, soup shed, wet skirt.


  The boy named Qin Feng, looks very handsome, soft white skin, with a pale blue hair, look some depression.


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  "What has nightmares ...... I am not willing, what elements of natural anti-bodies, I do not believe it! I Qin Feng is a genius, was himself admitted century ancestors rare genius!"


  Qin Feng could not help clenched his fists, the original look of depression swept away, revealing an unwilling brow and arrogance.


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  "Well, what makes you laugh at me, even the guru have also failed to reach the pinnacle, really funny! I want to prove to you that I was a rare genius for centuries, is truly a genius! Even if it is a natural resistance to the elements body, so what! I will be able to break this barrier, absorbing elements into the body, the achievements of the Spirit of Quebec! "Phoenix Premium Outlet 4976 Premium Outlets Way Chandler, AZ 85226 480- 639-1701. Open 10am-9pm Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sun. View Map. CALIFORNIA.


  He Mindful of this, flew cross-legged on the bed, adjust the breath, a calm state of mind.

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